Ace Parking Management Services

Ticketless Parking – Licence Plate Recognition

With Ace E-Quip, customers and clients can enjoy a windows-up experience of ticketless parking.  Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) allows customers to enter without the need to obtain a ticket and pay at exit (or at a pay station) for their parking stay.  The system can also provide free parking periods for a true VIP experience.

Shopping Centres and other retail precincts can offer free periods without concern of abuse.  A free period can now be tracked by vehicle, allowing the free period to be offered per visit, once per day or accumulated total, preventing misuse of a free period intended to promote turn-over.

Car Park traffic flow is smooth and provides a seamless customer journey with license plate recognition

Customer Experience of a ticketless entry car park – a windows-up journey with LPR

Customer Experience of a ticketless exit car park – a windows-up journey with LPR

Ticketless Parking seamless flow of traffic using License Plate Recognition