At Ace Parking we recognise the importance that sustainability has on our business and our surrounding communities and through innovative environmental management and sustainability initiatives, we are developing ways to improve our efficiencies and benefits to our customers and clients alike.

Building and property owners are benefiting from our sustainability initiatives, which can be introduced to existing or new developments and can be performed in stages or full implementation.

As part of our sustainable initiatives Ace Parking has partnered with car share company GoGet to roll out a fleet of vehicles across our network.

Some of Ace Parking’s sustainability initiatives include:

  • Reduction of our Carbon footprint across our operations
  • Carbon offset programs
  • Alternative energy sources such as green energy, solar, wind and kinetic energy generation
    Energy efficient, intelligent lighting systems and controls, including mixed-mode systems
  • Sourcing of energy efficient parking and access control systems
  • Ticketless parking systems
  • Green roofing
  • Water harvesting and reticulation systems
  • Improved building management systems and high-efficiency extraction/exhaust fans, including improved HVAC units and CO2 monitoring
  • Off-peak parking schemes
  • Bicycle parking rack initiatives
  • Car share schemes
  • Hybrid vehicle parking bays
  • Electric vehicle recharging stations/points
  • Green car wash services
  • Implementation of improved way finding and bay guidance systems to reduce unnecessary vehicle movements
  • Assistance with Australian Building Greenhouse Rating Scheme (ABGR Programs) NABERS rating