Ace Parking Management Services

Ticketless Parking System – Licence Plate Recognition System,

With Ace E-Quip, customers and clients can enjoy a windows-up experience of ticketless parking.  Licence Plate Recognition (LPR) allows customers to enter without the need to obtain a ticket and pay at exit (or at a pay station) for their parking stay.  The system can also provide free parking periods for a true VIP experience.

Shopping Centres and other retail precincts can now provide frictionless parking to its customers, enhancing the customer journey.  Free parking periods can be provided to authorised users without concern of misuse – A free period can now be tracked by vehicle, allowing the free period to be offered for every visit, just once per day or the accumulated total of parking, preventing misuse of a free period which is intended to promote availability and turn-over.

Car Park traffic flow is smooth and provides a seamless customer journey with license plate recognition

Customer Experience of a ticketless entry car park – a windows-up journey with LPR

Customer Experience of a ticketless exit car park – a windows-up journey with LPR

Shopping Centre parking system providing free-flowing parking management in a high traffic environment

Ticketless Parking seamless flow of traffic using License Plate Recognition